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(Fact Sheets in Chinese)

Medi-Cal Recovery Booklet

Medi-Cal Eligibility Booklet

追收加州醫療保險付款: 你需要知道什麼和如何避免 (2017)
Medi-Cal Recovery: New Laws (pdf) (free download)

消費者指南 (pdf) (free download)


Please note: any oddities in the fact sheet numbering sequence are there because these are numbered to match the English versions, and some of those are not yet available in Chinese translation. Updates and new translations are always ongoing.

01 - 療養院說明單張
(Nursing Home Fact Sheets)


02 - 住戶護理 (RCFE) 說明單張
(Residential Care (RCFE) Fact Sheets)


03 - 加州醫療保險說明單張
(Medi-Cal Factsheets)


04 - 虐待老人傳單
(Elder Abuse Fact Sheets)


05 - 其他
(Miscellaneous Fact Sheets)

06 - 法律議問題說明單張
(Legal Issues Fact Sheets)

07 - 2019冠状病毒病大流行
(COVID-19 Pandemic Fact Sheets)

  • 83. 探訪權利 (pdf)
    (Visitation Rights in California Long Term Care Facilities During the COVID-19 Emergency)


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