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CANHR Fact Sheets

CANHR publishes fact sheets on a wide range of topics important to long term care consumers.

Select fact sheets are also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Most of the fact sheets below are in html and pdf format. html is best for viewing. pdf is best for printing.

1 - Nursing Home Fact Sheets:

    1. What is a Nursing Home in California (pdf)
    2. How to Choose a Nursing Home (pdf)
    3. Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist (pdf)
    4. Admission Agreement (pdf)
    5. Arbitration Agreements: Why They Should Be Prohibited in Admission Agreements (pdf)
    6. Nursing Home Care Standards (pdf)

Residents’ Rights

How to Advocate for Care

2 - Residential Care For the Elderly (RCFE) Fact Sheets:

    1. Searching for a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)(pdf)
    2. Overview of Assisted Living/Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (pdf)
    3. Admission Agreements (pdf)
    4. Assessment & Care Planning (pdf)
    5. Evaluation Checklist for RCFEs (pdf)
    6. Dementia Care Checklist (pdf)

    Residents Rights

    1. Outline of Residents' Rights, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (pdf) This Outline summarizes present laws and regulations regarding RCFE Residents’ Rights. It is a source of easy reference for advocates in representing clients and for protecting and promoting rights.
    2. Eviction Protections (pdf)
    3. RCFE Closures: Residents’ Rights and Protections (pdf)
    4. Refunds (pdf)
    5. Theft & Loss (pdf)

    How to Advocate for Good Care

    1. Resident Councils (pdf)
    2. Family Councils (pdf)
    3. Filing Complaints (pdf) and RCFE Complaint Form (pdf)
    4. Self-Advocacy Approaches for Residents & Family Members (pdf)

    Financial Resources

    1. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Residential Care Facilities (pdf)
    2. RCFEs & SSI: Fact or Fiction? (pdf)
    3. Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) (pdf)
    4. Board & Care Medi–Cal Deduction (pdf)
    5. What happens when the money runs out? (pdf)
    6. Rate Increases and New Charges: What's Permitted? (pdf)

3 - Community Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs):

    1. Should I Really Move Into a CCRC? (pdf)
    2. Filling Complaints Against Continuing Care Retirement Communities (pdf)

4 - Medi-Cal/Estate Planning Fact Sheets:

    1. Overview of Medi–Cal for Long Term Care (pdf)
    2. Medi-Cal Recovery Frequently Asked Questions for those who die on or after January 1, 2017 (pdf)
    3. Medi-Cal Resource Limits (pdf)
    4. Your Home & Medi-Cal (pdf)
    5. IRAs, Pensions & Annuities Under Medi-Cal (pdf) For complaints about insurance agents, brokers, or attorneys who are involved with the sale of annuities, visit the California Department of Insurance.
    6. How to Value Real Property (pdf)
    7. Aged & Disabled Medi-Cal Program (pdf)
    8. Treatment of Reverse Mortgage/Home Equity Payments Under the Medi-Cal Program (pdf)
    9. Treatment of Funds Received from the Hycare, Inc., et al. Settlement (pdf)
    10. Transferring Your Home with a Transfer on Death Deed (TOD) - What You Need to Know (pdf)
    11. Using California's Spousal Impoverishment Rule for Home and Community Based Services (pdf)
    12. Medi-Cal Discrimination In Nursing Homes – Getting In Is Half the Battle
    13. California Medi-Cal Asset Limit Increasing for Seniors and People with Disabilities (pdf)

5 - Elder Abuse Fact Sheets

    1. Recognizing and Reporting Elder Abuse (pdf)
    2. Financial Abuse (pdf)
    3. Prevent Elder Financial Abuse (pdf)
      Click here for more information on Elder Abuse
    4. Annuity Basics (pdf)
    5. Annuity Questions for Senior Consumers (pdf)
    6. Reverse Mortgage Suitability: Points to Consider (pdf)
    7. Reverse Mortgage Suitability Worksheet (pdf)
    8. PACE Suitability Worksheet (pdf)

6 - CANHR’s Guide to Reverse Mortgage Alternatives - Is an Inter-Family Loan Right for You?

    1. Family Lending Guide for Advocates (pdf)
    2. Family Lending Guide for Consumers (pdf)
    3. Sample Secured Promissory Note Agreement (pdf)

7 - Miscellaneous Fact Sheets:

    1. Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) (pdf)
    2. Assessment of Need for Community Services & Out-of-Home Placement (pdf)
    3. Community–Based Services for Seniors (pdf)
    4. In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) (pdf) & IHSS Offices in California (pdf)
    5. Year 2022 Rates and Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) (pdf)

8 - Legal Issues Fact Sheets:

    1. Incapacity: Plan for it Now (pdf)
    2. Planning for Long Term Care (pdf)
    3. Durable Power of Attorney for Property (pdf)
    4. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care/Advance Directives (pdf)
    5. FAQ’s Regarding Probate Conservatorship Problems (pdf)
    6. Probate Conservatorship in California - What You Need to Know (pdf)
    7. Your Right To Visit: A Guide To Visiting Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities and Hospitals (pdf)
    8. Your Right To Leave: A Guide to the Rights of Long–Term Care Consumers to Be Free From Forced Placement (pdf)
    9. Advance Healthcare Directive (pdf)
    10. Advance Healthcare Directive Instructions (pdf)

9 - Other Helpful Information:

    1. "Did You Know?"/"Dear Advocate" archives - helpful consumer information from the CANHR Advocate.
    2. Documenting Decisions in a Pandemic (PDF) - Information on witnessing legal documents while COVID-19 social distancing is in effect.
    3. Visitation Rights in California Long Term Care Facilities During the COVID-19 Emergency  (PDF) - CANHR has reviewed the various federal and California guidance regarding visitation in long term care facilities and synthesized the rules into a new fact sheet to guide residents and their families. The fact sheet highlights the types of visitation nursing homes and residential care facilities for the elderly must provide and under what conditions as well as the infection control protocols facilities may impose during visits.

Fact Sheets can be ordered free of charge from CANHR. Donations to cover costs of photocopying and mailing are always welcome. If you'd like a copy of any of these fact sheets mailed to you, please call CANHR at 800-474-1116.

Page Last Modified: May 13, 2022