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NPR Story Features CANHR v. Dooley Case

NPR’s Morning Edition recently spotlighted the growing problem of “hospital dumping” of nursing home residents. Reporter Ina Jaffe told the story of Bruce Anderson, a co-plaintiff along with CANHR in the CANHR v. Dooley case and a nursing home resident who has been stuck in a hospital for nearly a year after the State of California ordered he be readmitted to his nursing home. After making these orders, the State does nothing to enforce them, exacerbating a resident’s abandonment.

Read the CANHR v. Dooley complaint

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New Developments

  • Nursing Home Chain Ownership Changes are Linked to Poor Quality of Care

    A fascinating research article published in the May issue of Health Affairs reports that nursing homes that are frequently bought and sold by nursing home chains are plagued by low quality. Researchers from several distinguished universities came to this not too surprising conclusion after tracking nursing home transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, throughout the nation between 1993 and 2010. The analyses and findings are described as the first comprehensive picture of how chain involvement in the nursing home sector has evolved.

    (posted May 17th, 2016)

  • Illegal Nursing Home Evictions Not Just a California Problem

    A recent story from the Associated Press highlights the national scope of illegal nursing home evictions, typically centered on residents who are considered “difficult” or residents with families who demand good care. Nursing homes around the country take federal government money and promise to take care of residents with “all services necessary” but frequently renege on that promise and ignore rules to protect residents from unsafe discharges.
    Read the Story
    (posted May 9th, 2016)

  • OUTRAGE: For-Profit Nursing Home Corporations Prepare to Raid Public Health Funding

    AB 2104, a bill authored by Assemblyman Matthew Dababneh (D-Encino) passed the Assembly Health Committee by a vote of 18-0 last week. What’s remarkable about this vote is that AB 2104 would open up two very important public and non-profit health financing mechanisms to for-profit nursing home corporations.
    Read CANHR's Press Release
    (posted May 4th, 2016)

  • Sacramento Bee Reports Shifting Population in California Nursing Homes Creates ‘Dangerous Mix'

    A new investigation and report by the Sacramento Bee describes dangerous conditions inside California nursing homes related to changing admission practices at many nursing homes. Nursing homes are increasingly admitting younger persons with chronic or mental illnesses, those suffering from addictions and individuals who lack housing. The Bee reports that the population of California nursing home residents under age 65 grew by nearly 40 percent over the last 20 years, while the number over 65 shrank by 11 percent. The “quality of care appears to be a casualty in the changing patient mix,” the Bee found because many nursing homes are not prepared to meet the divergent needs of residents.
    Read the Sacramento Bee's Editorial
    (posted April 5th, 2016)

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