Creekside Care Center
9107 N. Davis Road, Stockton, CA 95209
Citation Number: 030008293
Citation Date: 6/13/2011
Violation Date: 10/26/2008
Class: AA
Penalty: $ 100,000

A bedridden resident died on 10/26/08 as a result of fractured left femur that went untreated at Creekside Care Center. The resident was taken to the hospital on 10/26/08 after being found unresponsive in bed. Creekside did not notify the hospital that the resident had any injuries despite the fact that "her knee was severely swollen and her left leg was shortened and extremely rotated." The hospital reported the resident's death to the police due to the extreme nature of the fracture and the "suspicious" circumstances. X-rays revealed that the resident's femur was "completely displaced" and "shattered into small pieces." An autopsy conducted the day after her death identified the fractured femur as the cause of her death. Creekside did not explain how the resident was injured, but its staff began observing swelling in her left knee on 10/23/08 and observed her in pain on 10/25/08. The resident's son reported that he visited her at Creekside the day before she died and found her "almost comatose." The facility was cited because its failure to promptly inform her physician of the change in her condition and failure to continually assess her condition were a direct cause of her death.