Asian Community Nursing Home
7801 Rush River Drive, Sacramento, CA 95831
Citation Number: 030009946
Citation Date: 6/4/2009
Violation Date: 1/5/2007
Class: AA
Penalty: $80,000

On 1/9/12, the facility failed to ensure a resident consumed food in a form that she could safely swallow during a facility sponsored outing, which caused her die from choking on a large piece of meat. On 6/7/11, the resident was evaluated to have moderate impairment with the oral phase of swallowing and recommended to have intermittent meal supervision with a diet of soft chopped solids. A careplan for this diet was initiated on 6/13/11. The resident became unconscious from choking on her food and died of asphyxiation in a hospital on 1/10/12.