Alamitos West Health Care Center
3902 Katella Avenue, Los Alamitos,  90720
Citation Number: 060006203
Citation Date: 6/9/2009
Violation Date: 12/19/08
Class: AA
Penalty: $ 100,000

An 82 year old resident died on 12/25/08 after having been admitted to the nursing home about a month earlier with a recent history of dehydration. The resident became severely dehydrated during her stay at the nursing home and lost a significant amount of weight. The nursing staff failed to assess her fluid needs, failed to consistently assess the urine in her urinary drainage bags, and failed to evaluate her fluid intake and output at least weekly. It also did not notify her physician about signs of dehydration such as low fluid intake, dark amber-colored urine, and being difficult to wake. The resident was finally transferred to the hospital on 12/19/08 where she was diagnosed with severe dehydration, acute renal failure and urosepsis. She died at the hospital 6 days later.