Victoria Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
340 Victoria Street, Costa Mesa, Ca 92627
Citation Number: 060007811
Citation Date: 02/10/2011
Violation Date: 9/8/2010
Class: AA
Penalty: $ 75,000

On 9/13/2010, a 92 year old resident died less than a month after being admitted to receive therapy for a fractured hip. An autopsy by the coroner stated that "his untimely death was primarily due to septic complications (acute peritonitis) of his perforated ulcer." The coroner told the investigator that the resident's abdomen was full of puss and murky gray fluid and that his ulcer had ruptured several days to a week before he died. The resident began complaining of abdominal pain 5 days before he died and his abdomen was reported to be hard, distended, and tender to the touch at that time. Victoria Healthcare did not notify his physician or have an RN evaluate and assess his condition, as required by its policy. It sedated the resident with Xanac (an anti-anxiety sedative), Ambien (a sleeping pill), Seroquel (a powerful antipsychotic drug), and pain medication. The resident's condition declined, he became lethargic and displayed symptoms of kidney disease, and died in the emergency room after being found unresponsive and without a pulse at Victoria Healthcare.