Golden Living Center - San Jose
401 Ridge Vista Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127
Citation Number: 070008230
Citation Date: 5/16/2011
Violation Date: 4/24/2011
Class: AA
Penalty: $ 80,000

A resident who suffered from dementia and mental illness died on 4/26/11, two days after she choked on a cupcake served at an Easter social party at the facility. Prior to the fatal choking incident, the resident's doctor had put her on a pureed diet because she did not have teeth, did not use dentures to eat, and was at risk of choking because she tended to swallow food without chewing. A nursing assistant took her to the Easter party and left her there unsupervised. Another nursing assistant discovered her unresponsive and pale and took her to her room, where a nurse performed CPR and helped remove multiple pieces of cupcake from her throat. Paramedics transferred her to the hospital, she was admitted to the ICU in a coma, and placed on comfort care. The facility was cited because it failed to provide necessary supervision to prevent a choking hazard to the resident at the Easter party, leading to her death.