Browning Manor Convalescent Hospital
729 Browning Rd., Delano, CA 93215
Citation Number: 120007407
Citation Date: 08/06/2010
Violation Date: 6/23/2009
Class: AA
Penalty: $ 100,000

On 6/23/09, a 58 year old resident fell from his wheelchair and suffered fatal injuries that led to his death two days later. The resident had a history of combative behavior and the nursing staff reported that he had been very agitated prior to the fall and had been disconnecting the self-release seat belt on his wheelchair. The facility policy called for it to assign a staff member to provide one-on-one monitoring in this situation, but the facility failed to do so. The coroner reported that the resident suffered spinal fractures and that the injuries caused his death. The facility was cited because its failure to provide the necessary one-on-one monitoring led to the resident's death.