Magnolia Gardens Convalescent Hospital
17922 San Fernando Mission Blvd Granada Hills CA 91344
Citation Number: 920001270
Citation Date: 04/09/2015
Violation Date: 1/21/2012
Class: AA
Penalty: $60,000

On 1/21/12, a 77 year-old female resident went into cardiac arrest and died in the facility, just 11 days after she was admitted, after the nursing staff's repeated and documented failures to provide necessary medical care. The nursing staff failed to follow physician's orders to monitor the resident's oxygen saturation, administer oxygen for labored breathing, suction the resident's mouth every two hours, or administer breathing treatments every four hours as needed. Nursing staff also failed to notify the physician of signs of congestion or shortness of breath. When the resident was found unresponsive in her bed on 1/21/12, the nursing staff failed to implement CPR in accordance with the resident's advanced directive and facility policy.