Paramount Meadows Nursing Center
7039 Alondra Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90723
Citation Number: 940010998
Citation Date: 12/23/2014
Violation Date: 2/1/2014
Class: AA
Penalty: $ 75,000

A 66 year old resident with a urinary catheter developed an infection of the urinary tract, was hospitalized, and died in March 2014. The resident was documented as having a high risk for UTI. Early in her stay, she was identified as having a UTI and was prescribed an antibiotic, but the infection proved resistant and the facility did not adequately review the effectiveness of the resident's treatment. The resident's family member and facility CNAs reported the resident was in excruciating pain in February and March and often had dark, foul-smelling urine. Hospice notes documented the same problems, yet the facility's records showed clear urine with no smell. Direct observations of other residents with catheters revealed a great deal of poor and deficient catheter care. The facility was cited for providing poor urinary incontinence care and inadequate infection control.