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Sacramento Assisted Living Facility Staff Stuff Socks into Resident's Mouth

Staff members at Greenhaven Estates, a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) in Sacramento, were found to be stuffing socks or towels into a female resident's mouth to prevent her from spitting or biting. This was a routine and "trained" practice on the resident performed "by numerous staff for a significant amount of time." The resident had dementia and sometimes became upset while receiving care. Rather than review their care practices and reduce the resident's fear and discomfort during provision of care, the staff jammed objects into her mouth, which must have severely compounded her fear and feelings of helplessness. The facility was cited for physically abusing the resident and failing to appropriately plan its care. The staff who engaged in the foul care practices were fired.


Download the Complaint Investivation Report HERE.
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