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Hollywood Premier Dumps Resident For NOT Having COVID-19.

August, 2020

Hollywood Premier, a Los Angeles nursing home that was recently in the news for its mishandling of a COVID-19 outbreak, was cited by the Department of Public Health (DPH) for dumping a resident into a hospital and refusing to readmit him because he did NOT have COVID-19. The resident, who had dementia and lived in the facility for eight years, was sent to the hospital on 5/26/2020. On 5/27/2020, the resident was deemed ready to return to Hollywood Premier but the facility refused to allow him to return. The facility managers told DPH it was only admitting COVID-19 positive residents because the facility had become a designated COVID-19 facility. Since the resident did not have COVID-19, the managers reasoned, he could not return home. The facility's illegal eviction violated federal and state law and a local public health directive. The resident was still stuck in the hospital as of 6/15/2020 when the citation report was written. The facility was cited for failing to provide the resident with a notice of his bed hold rights and its failure to readmit him when he was ready to be discharged from the hospital.

Hollywood Premier Healthcare Center, Class B, $2,000, #920015905, June 18, 2020


You can read the full text of the citation via this PDF:



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