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Dear Advocate…
Can he still qualify for the Aged and Disabled Program with no share of cost?

Dear Advocate:

My father has been on the Aged and Disabled Federal Poverty Level Program (Community Based Medi-Cal) with no share of cost. Recently his countable income has gone up from $1,161 to $1,374, and now his share of cost has gone from $0 to $734.00 a month! He really can’t afford this, as he needs these funds for his rent and food. Is there anything he can do to eliminate the share of cost?

Bummed in Bakersfield

Dear Bummed,

Your father’s net monthly income needs to be below $1161, to qualify for the Aged and Disabled Program with no share of cost. You must get his monthly countable income down by $193.

The one major deduction that can reduce the share of cost is medical premiums. If your father can purchase $193 a month in supplemental healthcare, these premiums will bring down his countable income.

Does he have a vision plan, dental plan, or a Medicare Advantage/supplemental plan? Each additional monthly premium will be deducted from his net income to get him at or below the $1,161, limit to qualify with no share of cost.

$1,374 (income) -$20 (any income deduction) -$20 (vision) -$40 (dental) -$150 (Medicare advantage) = $1,144.

Page Last Modified: August 28, 2012