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Calling it a “Health Care” bill is a Cruel Joke

The Senate has delayed the vote on their health care bill until after the July 4th recess. This is a delay, not a defeat of the ironically called “Better Care Reconciliation Act.” If “better care” means no health care at all, then 22 million Americans will be affected by losing their health care coverage. This draconian bill would also have a devastating impact on millions of Californians who rely on Medi-Cal to pay for nursing home care, in-home care and other types of long term care services. If passed, the bill would end Medi-Cal as we know it and likely take away health coverage from millions of low-income Californians, including children, elders and the disabled. According to the New York Times, the Medicaid cuts may force elders out of nursing homes.

All of California’s Democratic Congressional Representatives opposed the House version of the bill, and our two U.S. Senators, Feinstein and Harris, have already expressed their opposition to the Senate version. If it passes the Senate, the bill will have to come up again in the House, and there are numerous Republican Congressional Representatives who voted for these onerous cuts to health care and Medicaid.

Meanwhile, read Western Center on Law & Poverty’s fact sheet on How the Senate Health Care Bill Affects Low-Income Californians:

Read alerts from Justice in Aging, Center for Medicare Advocacy, National Health Law Program, and  Families USA on the harmful impact of the Senate “Better Care Reconciliation Act” and opportunities to fight it.

Families USA offers advocacy suggestions for people, like Californians, who have Democratic Senators who are fighting repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Don’t stop calling – they still need to hear from you and to hear your stories of why our nation’s health care needs to be protected.

Too much is at stake and doing nothing is not an option!

Page Last Modified: April 3, 2017