National Nursing Home Leader Says Antipsychotics Are Overprescribed

by Anthony Chicotel, CANHR Staff Attorney

In a conference call with reporters, David Gifford, MD, senior vice president of quality and regulatory affairs for the American Health Care Association (AHCA) stated “we believe these antipsychotic medications are overprescribed.” He added “while many clinicians and consumers believe these medications are effective, we know from medical literature that antipsychotics have limited effectiveness and actually increase the health risks for individuals. We also know there are many facilities that have very low use of antipsychotics and are focusing on non-pharmacological approaches that have been shown to improve care and quality of life for residents. It’s time to put everything we know to good use.”

According to AHCA’s website, it is the nation’s largest association of long term and post-acute care providers, representing 11,000 facilities.

We applaud Dr. Gifford’s statements and agree that it truly is time to put everything we know to good use. There is no excuse for the continued overprescribing of harmful antipsychotics to nursing home residents.


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Anthony Chicotel is a staff attorney for CANHR. His areas of expertise include the rights of long-term care residents, nursing home litigation, health care decision-making, and conservatorships.
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