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2/5/2018 Nursing Homes Sedate Residents with Dementia by Misusing Antipsychotic Drugs, Report Finds
6/4/2016 A New Approach to Dementia Care
Boston Globe
5/16/2016 Nursing Homes Urged to Rethink Drugging People with Dementia
Toronto Star
10/1/2015 Can Nursing Homes Get 300,000 Dementia Patients off Deadly Antipsychotics?
Al Jazeera, “America Tonight”
8/8/2015 Antipsychotics, Elderly Can Be a Toxic Mix
Utica Observer-Dispatch
7/20/2015 25% of Texas Nursing Home Residents Getting Dangerous Antipsychotic Drugs
CBS Channel 19 KYTX
6/10/2015 One Nation, Under Sedation: Medicare Paid for Nearly 40 Million Tranquilizer Prescriptions in 2013
5/20/2015 Calming Dementia Patients Without Powerful Drugs
4/30/2015 The Elderly Are Taking Too Many Pills
Huffington Post
4/26/2015 The Right to Be Free of Chemical Restraints
The Fort Morgan Times
3/19/2015 Nurse Leaders Improve Dementia Care
Long Term Living
3/18/2015 Risks Run High When Antipsychotics Are Prescribed for Dementia
3/18/2015 Antipsychotics, Depakote, and Antidepressants: Deadlier than Thought for Dementia Patients
3/15/2015 Empathy: The Future of Dementia Care
California Health Report
3/11/2015 Drugging Dementia: Are Antipsychotics Killing Nursing Home Patients?
Al Jazeera, “America Tonight”
3/2/2015 GAO Report Urges Fewer Antipsychotic Drugs For Dementia Patients
3/1/2015 Psychiatric Drug Overuse is Cited by Federal Study
The New York Times
1/26/2015 Dementia On the Rise: It’s Time to Deal with It
1/16/2015 Tennessee Nursing Home Named in Wrongful Death Suit
Greenville Sun
12/9/2014 Old and Overmedicated: The Real Drug Problem in Nursing Homes
12/9/2014 Nursing Homes Rarely Penalized for Oversedating Patients
12/9/2014 This Nursing Home Calms Troubling Behavior Without Risky Drugs
10/23/2014 Groups Agree Overuse of Antipsychotic Drugs an Issue in Kansas Nursing Homes
Kansas Health Institute
10/21/2014 Care Home Faces Class Action Suit
Ventura County Star
10/1/2014 Blumenthal Hosts Discussion on Use of Antipsychotic Drugs
New Haven Register
9/23/2014 CMS’ Plan to Cut Antipsychotic Use in Nursing Homes Falls Short, Critics Say
Modern Healthcare
9/10/2014 Reducing Certain Medications Makes ‘Huge Difference’ for Some Dementia Patients
Global News
9/5/2014 Feds Hope Hitting Nursing Homes in the Wallet Will Cut Overmedication
9/5/2014 Families Sue Newbury Park Nursing Home Over Drug-Consent Issue
Ventura County Star
8/22/2014 Strong Drug Case Settled
Ventura County Star
7/18/2014 “Alive Inside” Shows How Music Can Break Through the Fog of Dementia
Scientific American
3/7/2014 Behavioral Therapies Better Than Antipsychotics for Dementia Patients, Nurses Say
The Washington Post
2/4/2014 Nursing Home Settlement Alters How Drugs Are Administered
Ventura County Star
11/20/2013 Dementia Patients Still Getting Dangerous Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes
11/4/2013 J&J to Pay $2.2 Billion in Risperdal Settlement
New York Times
9/23/2013 Doctors: Anti-psychotic meds overused for dementia, kids
USA Today
9/12/2013 NC Leads Nation in Lowering Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes
8/26/2013 Nursing Homes’ Drug Use Falls
The Wall Street Journal
8/12/2013 Long-Term Care Advocate Wins Award
Ventura County Star
7/17/2013 Anti-psychotic Drugs to Nursing Home Patients Protested
7/14/2013 Nursing Homes Temper Their Reliance on Drugs
7/12/2013 Sedative Use Drops at Nursing Homes
Boston Globe
6/18/2013 Overuse of Antipsychotic Meds Risks Lives of the Elderly
Orange County Register
5/20/2013 The Sense of an Ending
The New Yorker
4/3/2013 Most Dementia Patients Can Safely Stop Antipsychotics
3/7/2013 Local Nursing Homes Leading Movement to Reduce Chemical Restraints
Ventura County Star
3/1/2013 Weaning Nursing Homes From Their Dependence On Antipsychotics
Gotham Gazette
2/25/2013 Investigation: How NYC Nursing Homes Drug Seniors Into Submission
Gotham Gazette
2/4/2013 The Battle Against Chemical Restraints Inside Nursing Homes
New Hampshire Public Radio
1/31/2013 High Use of Antipsychotics in Connecticut Nursing Homes Stirs Concerns, Reforms
New Haven Register
1/9/2013 Former Nursing Director Sentenced to 3 Years for Inappropriately Medicating Patients
Bakersfield Californian
1/9/2013 Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Nurse Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for ‘Convenience Drugging’ Elder Patients
Press Release, California Department of Justice
1/8/2013 Medical Board Allows Over-Drugging of Elderly Patients
Mercury News Op-Ed, Anthony Chicotel
12/23/2012 Mass. Fails to Rein in Sedating of Seniors
Boston Globe
10/19/2012 Shocking Rise in Dementia Patients on ‘Zombie Drugs’
Daily Express UK
10/11/2012 Last Defendant in Elder Abuse Case Takes Plea Deal
Bakersfield News
10/2/2012 Blumenthal & Advocates for Elderly Target ‘Chemical Restraint’ Abuse at Care Facilities
The Connecticut Mirror
9/21/2012 Senators Blumenthal, Kohl, Grassley Seek to Protect the Elderly and Taxpayers from Abusive Overprescribing of Antipsychotics
Press Release
8/30/2012 J&J Will Pay $181 Million to Settle Risperdal Ad Claims
8/29/2012 Former Nursing Home Administrator Sentenced
8/17/2012 Minister Alarmed by Dementia Treatment
The Australian
8/13/2012 The False Promise of Dementia Drugs
The Baltimore Sun
7/17/2012 Big Drop in Antipsychotic Drug Use for Dementia Patients
Community Care – Britain
7/13/2012 Stop Misusing Antipsychotics for Seniors
7/13/2012 Southwestern PA Antipsychotic Drug Use Raises Concern
Pittsburgh Business Times
6/11/2012 Government Plans to Reduce Antipsychotic Use by 15 Percent by End of Year
Channel 10 – San Diego News
5/7/2012 Abbott Settles Marketing Lawsuit
The New York Times
5/7/2012 Abbott Labs to Pay $1.5 Billion to Resolve Criminal & Civil Investigations of Off-label Promotion of Depakote
U.S. Department of Justice
5/7/2012 Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces National Settlements with Abbott Laboratories
State of California, Department of Justice
5/1/2012 AARP Joins Antipsychotic-Drug Lawsuit Against Ventura Nursing Home
Ventura County Star
4/30/2012 Finding Alternatives to Potent Sedatives
The Boston Globe
4/29/2012 A Rampant Prescription, A Hidden Peril
The Boston Globe
4/26/2012 Drugs, Dementia and Nursing Homes
4/19/2012 Feds Urge Cuts in Use of AntiPsychotic Drugs for Seniors
HealthLeaders Media
4/11/2012 J.&J. Fined $1.2 Billion in Drug Case
The New York Times
4/03/2012 Nursing Homes Won’t Have to Hire Independent Pharmacists
3/21/2012 Hidden data show that antipsychotic drugs are less effective than advertised
The Washington Post
3/12/2012 Antipsychotic drugs grow more popular for patients without mental illness
The Washington Post
3/05/2012 Abuse of Mind-Altering Drugs Rises in Eldercare Facilities
Redwood New America Media
3/05/2012 Drugmakers have paid $8 billion in fraud fines
USA Today
2/23/2012 Drugs Raise Death Risk in Dementia Patients
ABC News
2/23/2012 FTC Drops Challenge of Omnicare Bid for PharMerica
2/22/2012 Specific Antipsychotic Drugs Increase Risk of Death in Elderly Dementia Patients press release
1/27/2012 FTC Sues to Block Omnicare’s Bid to Buy Rival Pharmacy Provider PharMerica
Federal Trade Commission
1/27/2012 Nursing Home Investigation Finds Errors by Druggists
The New York Times, The Bay Citizen
1/24/2012 Senate Watchdog Targets High-Prescribing Medicaid Docs
ProPublica, Dollars for Doctors – How Industry Money Reaches Physicians
1/18/2012 Antidepressants Might Raise Fall Risk in Nursing Homes, HealthDay News
1/10/2012 Johnson & Johnson Said to Agree to Pay $1 Billion for Mis-marketing Risperdal
San Francisco Chronicle
12/21/2011 Gone Without a Case: Suspicious Elder Deaths Rarely Investigated
ProPublica & PBS Frontline
12/02/2011 Elderly Patients Over-Prescribed Antipsychotic Drugs, Concerns About Overuse on Nursing Home Patients
NY Daily
11/03/2011 Glaxo to Pay $3 Billion to Settle U.S. Cases on Sales, Marketing, Avandia
10/21/2011 Abbot Said to Agree to Pay $1.3 Billion for Depakote Suits
Business Week
09/20/2011 Doctors rarely pay penalties in kickback cases
Denver Post
09/15/2011 Antipsychotics: Nursing homes rethink use of drugs
San Francisco Chronicle
09/08/2011 What the doctor ordered: Patients should know if their doctors get paid by drug firms
LA Times
08/26/2011 Suit alleges abuse at Seal Beach nursing home: Former patient says she was forcibly medicated
Orange County Register
08/26/2011 ‘Awakenings’ changes the way meds are handled at nursing home
Detroit Lakes Tribune
08/11/2011 Let them eat chocolate, says advocate of change in senior care
Ventura County Star
07/07/2011 Painkillers ‘may ease agitation’ in dementia patients
BBC News
05/31/2011 Cause for Alarm: Antipsychotic drugs for nursing home patients
05/26/2011 Drugging the Vulnerable: Atypical Antipsychotics in Children and the Elderly
05/16/2011 Top brain specialist calls for ban on antipsychotics in elders
The Boston Globe
05/11/2011 Audit: Common psychiatric meds can be deadly for elderly
California Watch
05/10/2011 Grassley says report on use of anti-psychotic drugs is an outrage
Radio Iowa
05/09/2011 Antipsychotic Drugs Called Hazardous for the Elderly
New York Times
05/09/2011 Government finds nursing homes misuse antipsychotics
CBS Evening News
05/09/2011 Nursing Home Residents Receive Powerful Antipsychotic Drugs for Off-label Uses, Inspector General Report Shows
Press Release by Senators Grassley and Kohl
05/09/2011 Overmedication of Nursing Home Patients Troubling
Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General, DHHS
05/01/2011 The Ethics of Antipsychotics in Alzheimer’s
Caring for the Ages, Jonathan Evans, MD, MPH, CMD
04/23/2011 Taylor-Stein: Make ‘least drugging’ a nursing home norm
Ventura County Star
03/24/2011 Use of chemical restraints in nursing homes called an epidemic
Ventura County Star
03/21/2011 Reducing Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes: Save Residents’ Lives, Save Medicare Billions of Dollars
Center for Medicare Advocacy
03/19/2011 California lawsuit accuses Bristol-Myers Squibb of fraud, kickbacks
LA Times
03/10/2011 Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and 37 Other Attorneys General Announce $68.5 million Settlement Over Deceptive Marketing of Antipsychotic Drug Seroquel
California Office of the Attorney General
03/02/2011 Johnson & Johnson appeal denied, kickback case moves on in federal court
McKnight’s Long Term Care News
03/02/2011 Questions Raised Over Antipsychotic Usage On Elderly: Groups Trying to Prevent Misuse of Psychoactive Drugs on Elderly Patients San Diego
02/15/2011 Clearing the Fog in Nursing Homes
New York Times
12/31/2010 Giving Alzheimer’s Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate
New York Times
12/04/2010 Nursing homes are seeking to end the stupor
Minneapolis Star Tribune
11/18/2010 Mass. aims to cut drug overuse for dementia
The Boston Globe
10/02/2010 Side Effects May Include Lawsuits
New York Times
07/23/2010 I-Team Investigates Chemical Restraint Of Elderly
10 News – San Diego
04/26/2010 For $520 Million, AstraZeneca Will Settle Case Over Marketing of a Drug
New York Times
04/2010 10 Things Nursing Homes Won’t Tell You
SmartMoney Magazine
03/10/2010 Risperdal Pushed for Elderly After U.S. Warning, Files Show
03/08/2010 Nursing home drug use puts many at risk
Boston Globe
01/15/2010 US Attorney says: J&J Paid Kickbacks to Boost Sales
Associated Press
01/15/2010 United States Files Suit Against Drug Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson For Paying Kickbacks To Nation’s Largest Nursing Home Pharmacy
US Dept. of Justice – Press Release
01/11/2010 Overmedication in the Nursing Home
New York Times
01/11/2010 Antipsychotics Still Widely Used in U.S. Nursing Homes
Off-label use to control behavior seems to be part of the ‘culture’ at some centers, one study finds

Business Week
01/05/2010 3 Nursing Home Patients Killed by ‘Chemical Restraints’
California Attorney General Says Nursing Director Drugged Patients to Control Them

ABC News
11/12/2009 Chemical restraints killing dementia patients
Guardian UK Guardian
11/03/2009 Nation’s Largest Nursing Home Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturer to Pay $112 Million to Settle False Claims Act Cases
U.S. Department of Justice
10/28/2009 Compromised Care: Nursing home doctors untouched even as facilities are cited –
Part 2

Chicago Tribune
10/27/2009 Compromised Care: Psychotropic drugs given to nursing home patients without cause -Part 1
Chicago Tribune
10/27/2009 Sedated hours after moving in, newcomer fell and later died
Chicago Tribune
10/27/2009 5 things to know about psychotropics
Chicago Tribune
09/08/2009 Administrator charged in nursing home druggings
Bakersfield Now
Press Release by California Senator Elaine Alquist
09/02/2009 Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History
U.S. Department of Justice
05/14/2009 Nursing home used outdated consent forms in Risperdal case
The Lakeland Times
03/19/2009 When it comes to dementia, forget the drugs
Los Angeles Times
02/23/2009 Families wonder if their loved ones were overdrugged
The Bakersfield Californian
02/20/2009 3 arrested in nursing home deaths in Lake Isabella
Los Angeles Times
02/20/2009 Nursing facility trio pleads not guilty to charges of overmedicating patients
The Bakersfield Californian
02/20/2009 Drugs used at Kern nursing home can be deadly for elderly
The Bakersfield Californian
02/19/2009 How did accused nurse keep getting hired?
The Bakersfield Californian
02/19/2009 Reports detail fatal druggings at nursing facility
The Bakersfield Californian
01/16/2009 Lilly settles Zyprexa suit for $1.42 billion
Los Angeles Times
01/15/2009 Heart risk cited in newer antipsychotic drugs
Los Angeles Times
01/14/2009 Lilly Said to Be Near $1.4 Billion U.S. Settlement
New York Times
01/08/2009 Alzheimer’s drugs double death risk in elderly
Chico Enterprise Record
06/24/2008 Doctors Say Medication Is Overused in Dementia
The New York Times
06/17/2008 FDA Orders Warning Label on Older Antipsychotics
The Washington Post
06/10/2008 State investigating Kern Valley nursing home again
The Bakersfield Californian
03/27/2008 Study: California Nursing Homes Use Restraints Most Frequently
California Healthline
03/09/2008 People with dementia getting drugged rather than helped
Minneapolis Star Tribune
01/04/2008 Drugs Offer No Benefit in Curbing Aggression, Study Finds
The New York Times
12/04/2007 Prescription Abuse Seen In U.S. Nursing Homes
Powerful Antipsychotics Used to Subdue Elderly; Huge Medicaid Expense

The Wall Street Journal
12/20/2007 Nursing homes struggle to kick drug habit
The Wall Street Journal
11/18/2007 Dementia relief, with a huge side effect:
The off-label use of some drugs is helping elderly patients,
but may be killing thousands

St. Petersburg Times
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