New Hampshire Assisted Living Facility Eliminates Off-Label Antipsychotics

Reinforcing the notion that commitment and effort is 90% of success, a New Hampshire assisted living facility has eliminated off-lable use of antipsychotics for residents with dementia. The success of Granite Ledges, in Concord, New Hampshire, was recently reported in Provider Magazine.  A copy of the article can be read here.

As reported, the staff at Granite Ledges was trained extensively for 18 months on providing dementia care without using sedating drugs.  Just as importantly, the staff worked carefully with resident family members to include them in its initiative.  The facility’s nursing director was quoted as saying antipsychotics can “wreak havoc” on residents with dementia and the multiple problems they cause diminish quality of life.  With an emphasis on non-pharmacologic interventions and creating an environment mindful of the residents’ changing perspectives, the facility has proudly improved the lives of both its residents and its staff members.

Kudos to Granite Ledges, and its leadership and staff for working so hard to provide such loving care to its residents.  We are thrilled to report these successes so please let us know if you have a similar story to share – send an email to


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