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SB 938 (Jackson) is a CANHR-sponsored bill to amend Probate Code Section 2356.5. Section 2356.5 permits conservators to seek special powers to authorize the involuntary administration of psychotropic drugs to conservatives with dementia. SB 938 requires greater detail from a conservatee’s treating health care provider to demonstrate that a proposed psychotropic drug prescription is appropriate and the least intrusive treatment alternative before a court can approve the use of psychotropic drugs for a conservatee with dementia. The goal of the bill is to ensure good care for people with dementia who are conserved.

Click here to read CANHR’s facts sheet and sample SB 938 support letter.

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Anthony Chicotel is a staff attorney for CANHR. His areas of expertise include the rights of long-term care residents, nursing home litigation, health care decision-making, and conservatorships.
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