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Popular Dementia Care Symposia Coming to NorCal

REGISTER NOW FOR Dementia Care Without Drugs – A Better Approach for Long-term Care Facilities. CANHR is pleased to announce two new symposia to address the increasing misuse of psychotropic drugs as treatment for dementia. The symposia, “Dementia Care Without Drugs … Continue reading


Ventura County is Center of Least-Medicating Movement

Ventura County might seem like an unlikely base for a statewide movement to end the misuse of psychoactive drugs on nursing home residents, but thanks to a unique mix of tireless long-term care Ombudsman, dedicated and curious care providers, and some world-class experts, all of Ventura County is buzzing with the opportunity to offer cutting-edge dementia care to its residents. Continue reading


OIG and Senator Grassley Join CANHR in Condemning Misuse of Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes, Urge CMS to “Wake Up and Do its Job”

The Inspector General wrote that too many nursing homes eagerly dispense “potentially lethal” antipsychotics in violation of federal regulations intended to protect residents from unnecessary medications. Continue reading