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“We call on Governor Jerry Brown to help stop the rampant drugging of nursing home residents by directing the California Department of Public Health to strictly enforce state and federal laws prohibiting nursing homes from using psychoactive drugs without informed consent or as a chemical restraint and to immediately post up-to-date information on each nursing home’s use of psychoactive drugs.

Excessive drugging is the most common form of abuse in California nursing homes and a severe public health threat. Tens of thousands of nursing home residents with dementia are given dangerous antipsychotic drugs that are not intended or approved for their medical conditions. Rather, the drugs are often used to sedate and control them, and as a substitute for needed care. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued its most dire warning – known as a black box warning – that antipsychotic drugs cause elders with dementia to die.

It is time for California to take all actions necessary to stop abusive drugging practices and ensure that nursing home residents are treated with dignity and respect.”

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