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Conference Schedule

Day One Day Two

8:00 - 9:00 am: 7:30–8:30 am:
Registration -
Pre-Conference Sessions
Registration/Continental Breakfast
9:00 am - 11:30 am*: 8:30–10:00 am:
  1. Medi-Cal Basics: A Primer on Medi-Cal Eligibility and Recovery
    This 2.5 hour pre-conference session will include an overview of Medi-Cal programs, with a focus on long term care programs, including the application process, treatment of income and assets; transfer of assets rules; spousal impoverishment issues, including when court orders are appropriate; options for treatment of the home; and Medi-Cal recovery issues. A must for those new to Medi-Cal and long term care estate planning issues.

  2. The CANHR Super Session for Plaintiff Attorneys **
    A facilitated discussion on experiences, strategies, and anticipated developments of EADACPA abuse and neglect cases. This collaborative session is open only to the plaintiffs’ bar and all attendees are to be prescreened and sign a declaration that they have not worked for any defense firm within the previous two years.

* Attendees must register separately for the pre-conference sessions

** Limited to plaintiff attorneys only - no defense attorneys permitted for this session **

Plenary Session: Elder Financial Abuse: Tips, Traps and Tragedies*
This session will teach you to identify illegal practices, review case samples and present litigation opportunities, with a focus on Annuities, Reverse Mortgages, scams, Fee splitting, unconscionable fees and other unscrupulous activities. *1.5 MCLE hours for legal ethics.

10:15 am - 12:00 pm:
  1. Special Needs Trusts
    Using sample cases, this session will discuss drafting issues for SNTs, problems arising from poorly drafted SNTs. recovery from SNTs, court remedies and ABLE accounts.

  2. Voyage of Discovery
    Learn about the right information to seek in discovery when litigating the seven most common abuse and neglect cases against long-term care providers. Each of the seven cases will be individually analyzed for discovery strategies.
12:00 - 1:00 pm: 12:00 pm:



CANHR’s Annual William F. Taylor Memorial Award

1:00 - 1:30 pm:

Introduction and Plenary Session:
Review of logistics, conference and USB drive.

1:30 - 3:00 pm:
1:30 - 3:15 pm:
  1. Estate Planning Updates:
    Updates on the devastating proposed federal legislation impacting Medi-Cal, including Senate Bill, Lottery Winners Act (Lump Sum income), Closing Loopholes in Annuities Act, Medicaid Home Improvement Act, elimination of the three months retroactive eligibility, the status of Home & Community Based Medi-Cal waiver programs, spousal impoverishment expansion and the status of DRA regulations in California.

  2. In the Beginning: EADACPA
    This session will review the EADACPA basics in abuse, neglect, and financial abuse cases and its interplay with other tort causes of action. Good cases for class actions and common care issues in long-term care facilities will also be discussed.
  1. “Medi-Cal Mania”: Who Knows What About Medi-Cal and Long Term Care
    This session will review Spousal Impoverishment and Home & Community Based services; hardship provisions for spousal impoverishment; Medi-Cal eligibility for same sex spouses; and other important Medi-Cal issues; and will include “Medi-Cal Mania” - a game show opportunity for participants to test their knowledge of the long term care Medi-Cal program.

  2. Point/ Counterpoint: Elder Abuse Litigation
    This popular session will be a lively facilitated discussion between two plaintiff and two defense attorneys on their particular viewpoint on a variety of cutting edge elder abuse litigation topics.
3:15 - 5:00 pm:
  1. Ask the Experts: Medi-Cal Eligibility & Recovery
    A question and answer session with DHCS staff from the Medi-Cal Recovery and Third Party Liability and Medi-Cal eligibility Units, including an overview of the new Medi-Cal recovery laws, and review of the draft regulations (if available by then).

  2. Rolling Up Your Sleeves
    A fast-paced review of pre-filing considerations, pleadings, and demurrers in abuse and neglect cases. New developments and important cases will also be examined in this can’t-miss discussion.
3:30 - 5:00 pm:
  1. Ask the Experts: Planning for Long Term Cares
    This session provides an opportunity to ask Estate Planning experts about best practices for LTC planning: are IDITs still needed? when to use 3100 petitions; what if the applicant has capacity? What’s the best strategy to avoid recovery? These and audience questions will be addressed by the panel of experts.

  2. Ask the Experts: Elder Abuse
    Get the inside scoop on nursing homes and assisted living facilities in this informative session led by nationally-renowned experts. Each expert will give a brief overview of the current state of affairs and then take questions about your cases.

5:00 - 7:00 pm:

Meet the Speakers Reception
Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and a chance to meet and mingle with friends, foes and experts in long term care advocacy and elder law.

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